Why Your Blog Should Be on the First Page of Google According to GMG Search Engine Optimisation

Do you manage a blog that has seen little improvements in traffic? Are you having a difficult time attracting advertisers for it? Find out your blog’s Google page ranking and you could be looking at the root of the problem.  In order to attract more visitors and subsequently advertisers, your blog should be on the first page of Google’s search result.

Did you know that according to statistics, six out of 10 Internet users will visit only the websites found on the first page of Google search? Thus if your blog is found on the third or fourth page, there is a good chance that only one or two Internet users will visit it. This explains why your blog is hardly making a dent in terms of web traffic.

Likewise, a poor Google search ranking translates to poor blog reputation. Internet users usually dismiss the websites that are found on the fifth and sixth pages of a Google search as second-rate sources of information or entertainment. Low Google rankings lead to poor reputation and minimal number of visitors. The end result is your blog not getting the traffic you would need for advertisers to come to you.  Discover how you can improve your blog’s rankings by visiting GMG Search Engine Optimisation.



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