Three Types of Plumber Melbourne

Like other skilled workers, plumbers can be classified according to their training. Classifications of plumbers are not only there to measure their years of experience. The pay that they receive is largely dependent on the training or skill level they have acquired through the years. These are the three levels of the plumbing profession:

Apprentice Plumber. An entry-level plumber Melbourne has to go through an apprenticeship program. This apprenticeship program is often administered by unions and their allied firms. Apprentice plumbers have to go through three to five years of training. They also have to spend some hours in the classroom for further education.

Journeyman Plumber.  Once a plumber graduates from apprenticeship, he would have to apply for a journeyman license. Most of the plumbers you can find online or in plumbing firms are journeymen plumbers. In order to become a journeyman plumber, the worker has to pay a fee and pass an examination.

Master Plumber. A journeyman plumber can become a master plumber after completing a certain number of years of experience. He should also earn a diploma from a vocational school. This is apart from the examination that he has to pass. Oftentimes, the master plumber is the owner of a plumbing firm.


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