The Average Energy Production of Country Solar Perth Systems per Day

The amount of energy in kilowatt-hours produced by a solar energy system depends on where in Australia you live, and the size of the system you have installed for your home. For Country Solar Perth systems, these are the normal daily production according to laboratory tests:

  • 1 kilowatt system. 4.4 kilowatt hours.
  • 1.5 kilowatt system. 6.6 kilowatt hours.
  • 2 kilowatt system. 8.8 kilowatt hours.
  • 3 kilowatt system. 13.2 kilowatt hours
  • 4 kilowatt system. 17.6 kilowatt hours.

First of all, these are figures taken from laboratory tests, during which the conditions are perfect. That’s rarely the case in real life situations. However, these figures do give an insight as to home much savings you can get from installing a Country Solar Perth energy system.

If you are a typical Australian homeowner, you consume about 18 kilowatt hours on a daily basis. With a 3 kilowatt solar energy system, you can get 73% off from your energy bills per month. This is especially true in the summer months, since the systems produce much more energy during the summer than they do during the winter. In any case, even the smallest 1 kilowatt system can provide you with almost 25% savings from your electricity bills.


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