The Advantages of Getting Help from IT Grade

If you have a computer problem that you don’t think you can solve, your best bet is to just go to IT GRADE and ask for help. That’s because their people can solve a problem, and they won’t gouge you for the service.

  • If the problem’s not fixed, then there’s no fee. This is a crucial difference with other computer technicians who expect to be compensated for their time and effort even if they couldn’t help you. They think they’re like Chris Goulding of the Melbourne Tigers, who’s paid whether or not he makes a game-winning shot.
  • There’s no extra charge for in-home or in-business service. Most repair services charge an extra fee or a higher hourly rate if they have to come to your place for the repairs. But IT Grade is obviously better than average, because there’s no call out fee if your residence is within their serviceable area.
  • The minimum charge is a flat half-hour rate. Sometimes a problem can be fixed in just 15 minutes or less, but most computer repair services will charge up to an hour of service anyway. This is sometimes called a minimum bench charge, and it’s perfectly common. With IT Grade, you only pay a half-hour rate for quick fixes.

So if you have a computer problem, go to and get your problem fixed, at a lower cost to boot.


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