Should You Register in Accounting Training Programs Offered by Keat Partners?

Accounting training programs offered by organisations like Keat Partners may sound like unnecessary for accountants especially those who just received their diplomas. After all, the belief is that a fresh accounting graduate has learned the theories that should help him excel in the workplace. However, the reality is that most accounting alums don’t know how to apply their learnings into practice.

If you are a recent accounting graduate, then you would surely benefit from enrolling in an accounting training program. According to industry statistics, two out of three recent graduates fail to land an accounting job a year after leaving school. This could be attributed to the reluctance of companies to hire fresh graduates who they deem as inexperienced and lacking the skills to contribute right away. Thus it would help you to enroll in an accounting training course like the ones offered by Keat Partners. Learn more about these courses by browsing

However, accounting training courses are not only suited to fresh graduates. Even if you are an accountant for many years now, you will still benefit from enrolling in an accounting training program. You can take a refresher course on taxation laws and learn more about the latest accounting software. As a result, you can update your knowledge and skills that will help you in your career later on.


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