Introducing the Leaf Busters 2G Ultra Tech Mesh

Through the years Leaf Busters has produced some unique products to protect your gutter, and their latest offering is the 2G Ultra Tech Mesh. Australian made, the mesh provides superior performance compared to the company’s previous meshes and it comes with a 20 year guarantee.


The Leaf Busters 2D Ultra Tech Mesh incorporates a mixture of HDPE/LDPE and carbon black under-strand for roof tailoring. In addition, the 2D Mesh has a 2.5% finely dispersed rating, and because it uses carbon black, boasts of one of the best UV stabilizers around. The mesh is also available in a wide range of colors including black, Mountain Blue, Slate Grey, Heritage Red, Pale Terracotta, Karaka Green and many more.

The Benefits

The 2D Ultra Tech Mesh has a tensile strength level of 78N p/KM, and it is capable of absorbing more heat than other meshes. Second, the under-strand’s shape along with the under-strand allows water to flow directly in your gutter so water is collected more effectively. Also, the carbon black used with the strand is natural so it won’t have an adverse effect on your roof’s structure. Finally, every mesh made by the company is from high quality polyethylene materials so they’re guaranteed to last.

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