How to Use Limited Energy When Doing the Laundry As Advised by Landmark Electrical Contractors

Cleaning dirty clothes consumes two important resources—water and electricity. The latter is a more precious commodity these days because of recent spikes in electricity rates. How can you limit your use of energy when doing the laundry? Experts at Landmark Electrical share some suggestions on how to reduce your electric bills when cleaning your clothes.

1. Buy a front-loading washing machine is considered more energy efficient than the top-loading type.

2. Operate the washing machine only when it reaches its full load. Did you know that washing a single piece of cloth uses the same amount of electricity in washing a full load?

3.  Don’t immediately put dripping wet clothes in a dryer. As much as possible, hang clothes to dry especially during the hot months. Hanging clothes under the sun not only dries them faster, it is also free.

4. Reset the temperature level before cleaning a new load of clothes. High temperature settings not only use a lot of electricity but can also damage certain delicate fabrics.

5.  Schedule the ironing of clothes at a certain time or day. According to Landmark Electrical specialists, this will prevent you from wasting energy as you linger for minutes waiting for the iron to heat up.




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