How to Properly Handle LPG Gas Bottles



LPG is preferred by many domestic users because  it is cheaper and energy efficient. LPG gas can heat water and cook meals within minutes without costing a lot. While homeowners prefer LPG gas, many of them are not familiar with the proper handling of the gas cylinders. Improper handling of LPG gas bottle could result to leakage and increased risk of accidents like fire.

LPG  gas bottles are not supposed to be directly under sunlight. Nor should it be near heat sources like stove and heater. The reason is that the gas expands when it is near direct heat, causing damage to the valve or hose. It must also be protected against dust and rain.

LPG gas bottles should never be rolled over. It should always be kept in an upright position. Thus it is advisable that it is stored on a leveled surface, so that it will not fall over that could cause serious damage to the cylinder. And the LPG gas cylinder must not be stored in a closed space.

Aside from checking possible leaks by applying a soap solution on the joints of the cylinder, users of LPG cylinder must also regularly check the rubber tubes for any cracks. The rubber tube should be changed once in two years.



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