How to Deal With The Transportation Problem for Bucks Parties

The best bucks parties always involve at least two locations. That’s because it can get rather boring having to stay at one place. Besides, you may want to liquor up and get fed someplace before you spend the rest of the night in a strip joint. But that leaves you with a very big problem: how do you and your mates go from one place to another? Usually you have three choices:

  • Everyone drives himself. This is so stupid in so many ways that it can get irritating to even explain. The most important thing, though, is not the wasted petrol or the use of so many vehicles—it’s the utter stupidity of driving while drunk. If you and your friends are aiming for a memorable night, an arrest or a trip to the hospital is not the way to do it.
  • Taxi’s for everyone. This can get expensive as well since you’ll probably need more than one, and there’s also the fact that you may into get a taxi when you need one.
  • Just let Lavish Life take care of it. Not just with the transportation, but with everything. Go to, book a bucks party, and then you’ll have a party bus driving all of you to choice locations where the beer and wine flows, the canapés are delicious, and the women are gorgeous—and scantily clad!


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