3 Types of Exercises for Arthritis Recommended by Pinnacle Health Physiotherapy

Many people with arthritis have found it very helpful to make an appointment with Pinnacle Health Physiotherapy for pain relief. The experts at Pinnacle are all well-trained and experienced, and they can create a treatment program that’s perfectly suitable for your specific circumstances. While doctors may prescribe medicines to reduce the pain (aspirin) and the swelling (ibuprofen), physiotherapists may also prescribe exercises that can help you improve your strength and mobility. Dieticians may also work with you to help you lose weight.

You can visit http://www.pinnaclehealthgroup.com.au/physiotherapy so that you can make an appointment for help for your arthritis. You may be asked to do certain types of exercises to help, and these may include:

  1. Strengthening exercises. These are the exercises you need to do so that you can maintain or even increase the strength of your muscles. These exercises can also alleviate the stiffness in your knee.
  2. Aerobic exercises. Examples are brisk walking, or stationary biking. With these, you may be able to improve your blood circulation and heart function, as well as help you lose excess pounds. Some studies indicate that aerobic exercises can reduce the swelling in your joints.

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